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The Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Snow, Slope of the Igliczna Mountain – Międzygórze

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Cause of Our Joy "Maria Śnieżna" is located below the Igliczna peak, approx. 60 min. along the red trail from the center of Międzygórze.

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Snow, Slope of Góra Igliczna - Międzygórze One of the most frequently visited places in the Kłodzko Region by tourists and pilgrims. The church, visible from a distance of many kilometers by those traveling towards Międzygórze, was built in several stages in the years 1781-1921. The route of St. Jakub, which runs through the commune, ie Bystrzyca Kłodzka, Marianówka, Pławnica, Zabłocie and Gorzanów. The trail is marked with a yellow shell on a blue background. Access: from Międzygórze along the green, red and yellow trail.
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